I admit it. I am a Howrse addict.
Yes, you did read that correct, Howrse, NOT horse. There is a difference, honest.
Howrse is a virtual horse breeding, training, Equestrian centre owning game.
The best thing is that it is free to join and play. You don't need to spend your own heard earned cash unless you really, really want to. Yes, I do spend my own money. But, in my defence it is only because I want the best for my 100+ howrses.
Yes, I have over 100 virtual horses on the game. I started out breeding and training arabians, bought aTB, started breeding them, got a couple of Hanoverians and started breeding them. then I joined a group calles Second Chance and started rescuing Hanoverians. Hanoverians make up about 60% of all the horses I own on the game. The worst thing is that, I don't have time for all the horses I own and know that I should sell some of them, but how do you sell a horse that you have owned since it was a foal, played with, trained, and fed?
That's my problem, I'm entirely too sentimental when it comes to this game, I just can't bear to part with any horse I either breed or buy.
Anyway, back to the subject. Howrse is this brilliant game. You start by choosing whether you want a horse or pony, the gender, give the little mite a name, pick the breed and colour, and off you go. You choose your username and password, same as on BCUK, give them your E-mail address, and you're registered and ready to go! Brilliant!
Anyone can play this game, it's extremely hard to get wrong, but if you do, you can restart your game. You lose all your Karma and go back to your starting fund of 2,000 equs ( equs is the currency used on the game).
As I say it's really hard to go wrong, and if you do have problems, eg pasing the next riding level to get a better job and earn more equs, then people are always more than willing to help out. The game is not just for people who love horses, it is for everyone, young and old.
If you are competitive, you can aim to become the best breeder on the game, or you can just play for fun, like a lot of people.
Take my advice, join the Howrse community today!